Jink a Jink a Jawbo

It feels like you’re walking into eternity along Sandymount strand,crushing and cracking shells all broken and new . The wide open space of the strand inspired me to think of images of Baby Boardman’s pushchair – the graphic form of wheels and spokes and shadows on sand – water reflections evoking a curiosity.

Is it alone, all alone and painful; full of Bloom’s own thoughts of poor baby Rudy who abandoned him to death? Or when I look at the pushcar again with no human form visible – is it Edy’s chuckling plump infant responding to her as she cajoles him to say a Jink a Jink a Jawbo while twittering  seagulls admiring him from above?


And so my photographs are here for you to see – as I saw .

‘I know his like : Bloom and I

like light shines on earth and clouds paint the sky

of the Capital city, alive alive 0!

These images are copyright of Kelvin Hudson Photography.   also available to purchase as fine art prints in A3 and A2 size









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