A vast majority of my prints have been available to purchase . They are now available at a discounted price for the Autumn . For 130 euro + p&p or equivalent currency (at the time of shipping)  A3 size , signed  and on the  finest quality fine art paper can be yours. I am PAY PAL registered . You may email at to view these images feel free to browse onto the above  links on this blog.

The Butterflies image has been popular particularly from the USA due to exposure in various photographic magazines and web sites. Over 400,000 people have logged on, to view and discuss  this image via the stumpleupon .com forum. Apart from commercial usage I’m receiving numerous inquiries from photographers , Lepidopterists (bug hunters)  including a ‘competitive quilter’ requesting permission to use the image on her quilt!  Copyright is with Kelvin Hudson Photography. Ebay Pirates have been contacted!