Seasons Greetings to the Leaf peepers

Print Sale (see details on Aug 20th post ) More examples. Yes I know a certain supermarket has yule logs and mince pies on their shelves! but I’m talking Autumn or The Fall ( not the band) Conkers, walking and kicking through the golden leaves ,those crisp sunny mornings .The ‘Leaf Peepers’
are currently converging from far away states to particularly the Northeast States of the USA . Many are currently checking out the ‘foliage reports’ to experience the ultimate colour change.
I photographed this in a Maple Forest in Western Massachusetts . The tree sap is processed in the building to create the Maple syrup .

Shipwreck revisited 19 yrs later

Whenever possible I love to revisit some of the remote locations I’ve had the pleasure of photographing . I revisited this shipwreck after first photographing it 19 years ago. Its with great interest to witness the natural erosion and decay that occurs whilst subjected to the harsh elements over the years. Whilst based in London I set out on my first visit to Ireland for a 2 week ‘portfolio mission’ in Co Kerry which lead to me to relocating over here a year later. As I re photographed it digitally the memories came flooding back . I had discovered it while trecking through a wood , leading to a beautiful cove which was particularly rewarding as most shipwrecks are well known and documented . It was originally shot on my trusty hand made mahogany 5×4 field camera using Fuji Velvia 5×4 daylight balance E6 film along with Ilford B/W 5×4 FP4 . The polaroids are still treasured . I’m not one for dwelling on the sentimental past (honest!) but will at some time ,post more . see post no 6 for ‘Burren revisited ’ for evidence of natures work .