Ye old darkroom days.

The memories come flooding back . The Alchemist, the cold. the damp, the chemical smells, reticulation!, one elephant two elephant…, red light, safelight, loading film minus the ‘kinks’, the darkness, , the gradual image developing, the wow factor, temperature control , 

hand staining, chemical staining, fumes, dodging n’ burnin’ in a contortionist style, setting the timer, chemical contamination, fogging!! , agitation, the music! , the radio, test strips , the slippery tongs, the dust! ,over fixing , under fixing, 

 washing,  drying streaks, fumbling for the light switch!, dwindling paper supply, the decisions. the excitement, satisfaction, a knock on the door , ‘don’t come in’!!!!!, the disappointment, time loss, late nights, the concentration. Please would somebody bring out a grade 10 ! . Oh sod it I’ll send the neg over to Klauss !

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