Edward S Curtis

I first encountered the work of Edward S Curtis through the book Edward S. Curtis The Life And Times Of A Shadow Catcher .  The Ultimate photographic document of 80 ’ vanishing’  Native  American tribes . His first exhibition was to photograph the Blackfeet Indians in Montana in 1900 . His respect and understanding of them became mutual and became known as ’ The Shadow Catcher ’ .

In 1919 he destroyed all of his glass negatives so that they could not become the property of his ex wife. He then started again. Upon moving to Los Angeles in 1922 he was Cecil B. DeMille’s assistant cameraman, working on such films as ‘The Ten Commandments’ and directing his own ‘In The Land of the Headhunters’ . 
This link below is a worthy short documentary on him.

Here are a few of my images shot in Montana as a sort of Homage.