Owen Egan

Owen in boat Carnakillab Oct 2014 copy copy copy copyOwen Eagan Carnakilla Oct 2014 copy copyOwen by thatch2Carnakilla Oct 2014 copy copyOwen by thatchCarnakilla Oct 2014 copy copyHutI’ve recently had the pleasure of staying and photographing at the timber cabin hideaway, Carnakilla,Portlick, WestMeath. Its a lakeshore retreat on the banks of Lough Ree which hosts some of the most experienced anglers from around the world. Owen Egan is an exceptional craftsman who has built 5 individual North American style fishing lodges (complete with wood burning stoves) from Douglas Fir style to match an original built by Ernst Shackleton in 1967 (the polar explorer born in Ireland). He has built an impressive crannóg and thatched building (for receptions,parties etc).The Crannóg is thatched with reed from Lough Ree, and the bobbins and ridge detail are hewn from local hazel.