New archival website galleries

KELVIN-IMAGE 26 copykh204.tifkh156.tifkh143.tifI’ve uploaded some new galleries on of archival work Archive worldwide landscapes b/w, Archive worldwide colour landscapes, Archive people and African life with many more to upload to other new galleries.



24 hr self service outdoor launderette

Just uploaded this new image to    Its less than half the price of a traditional launderette, only takes 30mins with non bio detergent included. The 18k is ideal for heavy loads. I could mention the company but I have to charge! Still not every one likes to wash their dirty laundry in public.launderette1bcopycopycopy

Worldwide urban b/w’s Part 2

Here is a selection from recent Facebook and instagram posts, spanning my life of photographing on the streets in many a city and town around the world.


Cuba 1994


DeJerba 1986


Gambia 1988

60 copy

Boston. U.S.A. 2001

37 copy

Alvor Portugal 2015

2c copy

London 2012


Rio Brazil 1990

scan lamu copy

Lamu East Africa 1984


Rio 1990


Ronda Spain 2012

Tran 20 sml

Singapore 1986

christ church 5 copy

Dublin 2018

Worldwide urban b/w’s Part 1

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36 copy




61 copy






47 copy




29 copy copy


Tran 16 sml


13 copy




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46 copy


Last year I complied a series of 49 images ‘ Worldwide urban b/w’s part 1’ on my photography Facebook      I’ve selected 15 images to post here. Part 2 to follow which are currently uploading to the FBook and instagram which if you haven’t already ‘followed’ feel free to do so.

Bug Light

BuglightIn the year of 2000 I was commissioned by Young and Rubicam, New York to shoot an ad campaign. One of the 5 ads was to photograph the Long Beach lighthouse located in Orient, NY known as ‘Bug Light’ .

Long Beach Bar “Bug” Lighthouse helps mariners navigate around the hazardous sandbar located between Orient Harbour and Gardiner’s Bay, its bright beacon welcoming them to the protected waters of Peconic Bay in the Long Island area.

The original structure was built in 1870 on screw piles which left an opening beneath the structure and inspired its nickname “Bug” Light, because when the rocks were covered at high tide, the lighthouse looked like a giant water bug.

Weather conditions and tides were going to be significant. So under my direction our lighting crew with equipment, assistants Maura Shine and Francis Catania, Tom Hayes and his assistant from ‘Spotty Dog’ productions, Art director Dan Fallon, creative director Robert McDuffy from Y&R, His friend ‘grabo’, an account exec along with agency producer Karen Meenahan and not forgetting the clients, set off on a hired fishing boat to recee and prep the location. It included working out where our final shooting place would be after shooting various polaroids in various view points. Lighting the interior and exterior with 20 and 50K Ari HMI lights which had to be determined with various lighting set ups with emphasis on balancing the light values between the exterior and interior.  Weather and tide conditions were taken into account, returning the following day with our working lighting crew and agency based in the lighthouse whilst myself, Maura, Francis and Tom waded a couple of 100 meters to our chosen position on a sand bank . Our window of opportunity was short so we had to work fast with reports of a storm.  Our fishing boat captain wasn’t going to wait until its too late! Once we were set up and ready to shoot I was then able to direct the lighting positioning, light intensity and colour by communicating via walkie talkies. The tide was surging and rising , so paying particular attention to protecting the sheet film and camera equipment from the sea water we made a mad dash back to the boat.

Steamgarden series

This series was shot in Jardin Albert 1er, Nice. This delightful public park in the city centre runs from Place Massena, linking the Promenade des Anglais to the old town of Vieux Nice. Developed during the late 1800’s, Jardin Albert 1er is one of Nice’s oldest public gardens; a large lawn in the centre is surrounded by palm trees, fragrant roses, carob trees, junipers as well as various plants from Japan, China, the Americas, Australia and the Himalayas.

It was recently revamped during the extensive renovations that took place on the Promenade du Paillon. Nice31 copyNice32 copyNice34 copyNice37 copyNice38 copyNice30_1 copyA refreshing mist / steam puffs up from the ground casting rainbows on sunny days.

Quieter than the nearby Promenade du Paillon, Jardin Albert 1er is popular with local workers enjoying a lunchtime snooze and leisurely strollers who’ve drifted in from the Promenade des Anglais. With ornamental fountains and beautiful flowers, it provides a tranquil haven for the Niçois to stroll and relax during their leisure time.