Paris in Black and White Pt 2

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Eze Village

This fascinating village in the French Riviera extending from the Mediterranean sea to the hilltop with a medieval village. Its Jardin botanique d’Eze was created after WW11 on a chateaus ruins by town mayor André Gianton and Jean Gastaud of the Jardin Exotique de Monaco. It is sited on a steep terrain falling over 400 meters to the sea with panoramic views of the coast, and known for its impressive collection of cactus and succulents from the Mediterranean region, Africa, and the Americas.

The oldest building in the village is the Chapelle de la Sainte Croix and dates back to 1306. Members of the lay order of the White Penitents of Èze, were in charge of giving assistance to plague victims, who would hold their meetings there. The shape of the bell-turret is an indication that the village once belonged to the Republic of Genoa. A series of sculptures, Earth Goddesses, by Jean-Philippe Richard is interspersed among the cacti and succulents, as well as the castle ruins. Each sculpture is accompanied by a plaque with an enigmatic message. The first sculpture, Justine or Isis, commemorates the Egyptian goddess of fertility who some people credit with giving her name to the village of Eze.

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A fleeting visit to Kiltimagh and Knock

Alteration of Kiltimagh, Irish Coillte Mach (older Mághach), the name of a country town in Co. Mayo.” The word “culchie” is derived from the Irish word “coillte”, the plural of coill, the Irish word for “wood”, an area of growing trees. It was used, mainly in Mayo and Galway, by townspeople as a condescending reference to people from rural areas. It came into use in Dublin in the mid sixties as a counter to the country people’s use of the word “Jackeen” for Dublin people. Once referred to ‘The drinking Mecca of the west’! Although Kiltimagh has been blighted by emigration with many pubs and shops now closed down, it has retained its community spirit.

Then A quick diversion to the infamous Knock shrine .

The Ghost of Christmas past

My first advertising  commission was for the children’s charity  N.S.P.C.C. The national society for the prevention of cruelty to children. Saatchi and Saatchi London liked my portfolio so much they wanted me on board . Alan Midgley the creative head gave me an open brief as long as the photograph portrayed the neglect and despair that so many children in the UK were experiencing. This was a fantastic brief as it was relevant to my personal work and therefore I was comfortable. I felt the need to not only produce a hard hitting documentary style image but to be part in helping these children with their individual heartbreaking stories, unlike most briefs which require selling a product. Very sad that these charities have too exist.

Due to logistical and legal difficulties I cast children from an agency and then found an appropriate location to shoot. Alan was not present at the shoot. once he was informed of the exact location. By a derelict wall halfway up the notorious Railton Rd in Brixton, often referred to as ‘the frontline’ in the 70’s and 80’s by the predominant West Indian community. With its recent history of the Brixton riots along with its rough reputation, many white people finding the road intimidating. So our ‘model’ and Mum, Paolo- assistant and Dexi Garman the make up artist all met at my place just a short walk from the location in Spenser Road off Railton Rd. Dexi’s make up was to look like the boy had been battered, bruised, unkept and unloved. The boy who was probably no more than 6yrs burst into tears when his new look was shown in the mirror and took us time to convince him it’ll be removed straight after . My initial security concern with passing people while shooting had changed to embarrassment as we walked  down the road, the boy crying with people looking out of the bus looking understandably concerned, thinking I’d just beaten him up!  Once he was in front of the camera I wanted to be kind and humour him but thats exactly not what we needed in order to achieve the depressing look.

I then continued to work with Saatchi’s on various paid campaigns and the following year I photographed a girl in a room, to look lonely and abandoned,  based on a recent true story, shot in my agents house before the wallpapering . The atmosphere was somewhat chilling as the girl lay still, silent and looking so sad.

Wishing you all a happy Christmas. Especially the children.



Grace and Glory – The inner sleeve

These portraits were shot for the inner sleeve of The High Kings new album- Grace and Glory.
I set up a studio in The Great Northern Hotel in Bundoran Co Donegal, in between sound checks and dinner. Such a pleasure to work with. Finbar 3b_wBrian 1b_w 2Martin banjo h_constrast 2B_WGavin with MandoB_W_ed

Grace and Glory

I recently shot the cover of the new album by the acclaimed Irish traditional band The High Kings entitled Grace and Glory. In between sound checks at the hotel I shot on location in Bundoran on the Donegal coast. Martin Furey, Finbar Clancy, Brian Dunphy,and Darren Holden all braved the elements with their usual professionalism. Afterwards it was back to the hotel to set up a studio to shoot portraits for the inside of the cover, followed by live shots during the gig. http://www.thehighkings.comgg-cover-titles copy copy copygraceandglory-11am