Entry to Lensculture Street awards




Home Delivery

My regular food shop was postponed due to the unusual site on my street . A huge crane blocking the narrow road was preparing itself to lift a 40ft mobile home 200ft in the air to be positioned in the neighbours back garden. It was also a chance to meet and chat with local people.


New website additions


woman and lizard copy copyb copy

‘Bearded Dragon Lady’ from Into The Light

vicar in bentley copy copy

‘Vicar in Bentley’ from ‘Portfolio 1’

Tree Frog 3 copy copy copy

‘Tree Frog Man’ from Portfolio 1

lucaswicklow_1 copy copy

‘North Face Man’ from Portfolio1

Inchydoney_8b copy copy

‘Rockpool’ from Coastal

Classic Jag copy copy

‘Lotus’ from Portfolio2

Dollymount copy

Ice Cream Boys from ‘Portfolio 2’