My car crash modelling career! A Christmas message.

Back in 2004 I called up art directer Joanna Wenley at the London advertising agency Boase Massimi Pollitt (BMP) who replied ‘Ah yes Kelvin, you were my dead body’! After a spit second of hesitation I then recalled my doomed ‘car crash ‘ modelling career back in 1986 whilst assisting John Claridge at a secret location. He was commissioned by Joanna and the brilliant Frank Budgen to photograph Derbyshire County Council’s anti drink drive campaign during the Christmas period. John rewarded my corpse like modelling with a not to be sniffed at 50 quid. I came across these ads recently while reading Dave Dye’s excellent nostalgic blog ‘Stuff From the loft’

Drive safely this Christmas. Photography by John Claridge