Back in the day for my sins I shot this trade ad for the London agency Evans Hunt & Scott. ¬†An enjoyable day with a charming model who turned out to be no other than the Scottish actress Gudrun Ure, well know for her role as Supergran in the 1980’s children’s TV program ‘Supergran’ . In which she won an Emmy and was sold to over 60 countries worldwide. She is now 91.


Dan Maskell

Oh I say! Here is a 5×4 Polaroid of ‘The voice of Wimbledon’ Dan Maskell. Shot for the Observer magazine in the grounds of the Wimbledon Tennis Club DanMaskellin 1989. After a professional tennis and coaching career he began commentating for the BBC on the radio then on television from 1951 until his retirement in 1991. Whenever there was a great shot on court he often used his most remembered and revered catchphrase ‘Oh I say!”