Dublin Docklands 2022

Over the years I’ve been documenting the gradual rejuvenation of Dublin city. Not always seen as popular while many see it as progress, with the exorbitant apartment rentals, emerging foreign tech companies and financial companies displacing existing the ‘community’ population. An area that was in serve decline in the 80’s with dereliction, social and economic problems. Budget permitting you’d never be hungry, thirsty or short of a Latte or two.

Irish Cricket Sept 2021

As well as getting the opportunity of photographing the Merrion Women’s cricketers (see previous post) I also met up with a couple of cricketers from Chapelizod CC. A continuation of my 2019 project. I’ll be posting some more in next post.


Appor Chapelizod CC.
Appor Chapelizod CC
Pradeep Chapelizod CC

Irish Women’s Cricket

During September after a 2 yr gap I managed to restart this ‘work in progress’ project. Here are a selection which includes many of the Merrion CC . The popularity of women’s cricket is notably increasing with the Irish cricket team qualifying to compete in the 2023 ICC World Cup . This year Ireland were named in the 2021 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Europe Qualifier. Now I’m looking forward to next season.

Merrion CC

Leah Paul member of the Irish Women’s cricket team.


Although I like the ‘sound of breaking glass’ I’m sure this is pure vandalism which has enabled me to exploit this spectacle via my favourite medium. Portraying the urban venerability . Ha Ha! did I really write that?!. Ah well, here is a few recent shots showing the Aviva Stadium in the background. #streetphotography